NORCAL Environmental Management, Inc. utilizes X-Ray fluorescence (XRF) technology. Our XRF lead paint analyzers provide immediate results without causing any damage to your painted surfaces or ceramic tile.

3333163419_1d80a767fd_o-leadCommercial / Real Estate Lead Testing: Protect yourself from liability


Many commercial buildings, apartments, schools, and daycare centers were constructed before 1978, before lead paint was banned for residential use. 

State, federal, and city laws can bring action against lead hazards. Commercial property owners, and landlords are liable to insurance companies of rental properties and tenants.


The number one preventable childhood disease in the United States is lead poisoning


Children easily ingest lead within the house because it can be all around them. Tap water, dust, soil, and paint chips, can all contain lead, with younger children being especially susceptible to lead poisoning. If the source of the lead is not determined and removed, heath issues will compound and continue to decline dramatically. 

Licensed, certified in lead inspection, NORCAL Environmental Management, Inc. has over 30 years of experience of keeping Sacramento area families and businesses safe. Call us, so we can keep you protected as well.