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Asbestos cleanup and testing procedures are strictly regulated by local, state, and federal governments. This is because of the known cancerous properties of asbestos, and how it stays in the lungs. This is due to the additional danger of hooks on the fibers.

Products containing asbestos continue to be produced and widely used throughout the world. ACM is still sold in hardware and auto parts stores. 

There are three main kinds of analysis:

TEM air sampling:

This type of testing is recommended for public place such as schools or hospitals.

This test looks exclusively for asbestos fibers.  After abatement has preformed, this type of air testing is used for clearance. 

PCM asbestos air sampling:

This air testing type is also used for clearance after asbestos abatement, but this analysis method looks for all types of fibers.  Asbestos clearance is given when the fiber count is at or below 0.010 fibers per cubic centimeter of air.

PLM asbestos bulk sampling:

Material testing for asbestos. This type of material asbestos testing is performed when determining if the building materials contain asbestos. Knowing all of the building materials that contain asbestos, contractors are able to reduce the amount of materials that are required for a toxic dump site.

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